This will turn some heads. It is a t-shirt with famed Street Fighter II villain, Zangief on the front. I did ye ol’ Google Search on the text on the bottom of the shirt and came up with a YouTube channel of all things.

Their website doesn’t work as of now, which would tell you how much traction their efforts have yielded.  Zangief is always cool though.

I have seen better shirts out there but not many.  As far as celebrity inspired shirts, this one takes the cake.  The Drink Apple Juice Cause OJ Will Kill You shirt will always make people laugh.  Get one here and be the envy of all your friends.

I run across some weird stuff and this one is up there.  Here we have a shirt with a clown vomiting a rainbow into a toilet.  He looks to be in some pain judging by his face.  I love crazy shirts like this, people definitely stare.

If you have any clue what this is about give is a holler.

I know what you’re thinking but I’m sorry – I have no clue where you can buy this. Maybe a little late to be making fun of Brett Favre about this seeing as how the dude just retired but I say it’s never to late to make fun of a guy for taking pictures of his privates.  Please Lord never let me be egotistical enough to think that I can get away with something like that.

Welcome to!  Been planning on doing something like this for awhile and I am not sure how I am going to go about this but in the meantime here’s the deal – I see a lot of cool shirts throughout my day and I want to show them to you.  I am not going to write a bunch here, this is just a place where I can show pictures of shirts I see and think are unique.

I will do a shirt a day if possible, I have quite a few shirts that are pretty funny and/or shocking to put up but I will trickle them out through the week.  I take pictures of these shirts with my cell phone so don’t expect to see award-winning quality photos here – these are simply pictures of shirts.

So.  Without further ado, here is the first shirt I found on my cell phone:

Maybe one you’ve seen before but we’ll start off slow.  The picture of the donkey isn’t new, I have seen plenty of shirts with the “I don’t give a [picture of a rat holding a rope connected to an ass]” shirts around.  This is the first I’ve seen using a picture of a mule this way.